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. it's 11:00, do you know where your children are? >> we start with breaking news. >> something is making several people sick who is staying at ronald mcdonald house. the medical terra round the corner from lexington market. when he show you raw video. pete shot this just moments ago. >> we asked seven adults, three children were taken to the hospital. crews went into check for co poisoning and anything else that could be hazardous but found nothing. we asked if it could be food poisoning and was told it was to early to tell. the people in the house are away from home taking care of their ill children. we will have more on this tomorrow morning. >> all right.
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of course weather wise, heat has been the main concern. not just today but as we go into the next couple days and still right now at this late 11:00 hour feeling like 91, 89 outside the city in easton, 95dc, humidity, one of the biggest problems, dew point numbers up in to the levels you would see down in houston. 75, some spots won't drop below 80 and 93 by noon, 98 at 4:00. the heat warning from nasa from noon until eight. it looks like this heat will be around for a while. we will talk about how long in just a few minutes. >> thank you. you know high temperatures are forcing city schools to be closed. it only affects schools that don't have air conditioning. >> those rising temperatures have us putting on the fans, setting up the ac and driving
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up the bills. cutting back saves you money and can reduce outages. >> you can take steps in other areas like not using your appliances that generate a lot of heat until after 9:00 when the temperature goes down and take other action you can at least minimize the impact of that increased use. >> and those include the dryer, stove, oven, another way to cut back, try not to set the temperature below 78, i know it's hard. you can also enroll in the peak rewards program. it gives the company control over your air conditioning compressor to cut it on and off during hours of package demand. >> tonight a subcontractor is dead. he was electrocuted while repairing power lines. he was about 30 to 35 feet up on a pole when he came in contact with the live lines in the area of bay front road. his co workers were able to get him off and did cpr until ems
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arrived. officials say he worked for elliot electrical and was subcontracted by the company. the incident is under investigation a young boy was taken to the hospital after a crash that knocked down a power line pole. three cars involved in the collision that shut down belaire road in kingsville. first responders acted quickly to get the young boy in the ambulance and check on others at scene. a woman called the police and found it could have been worse. >> here is a -- lady who pulled up -- she is the first car in the white cadillac that pulled up right there. just a minute before she would have been in the middle. >> wow. >> and she is not as resilent as the little guy. >> thank god. >> yes. >> still no word on the cause.
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friends of a man pulled from a ravine on the jones fall say he was trying to jump over some rocks when he fell. we told you about the rescue at fine. the baltimore city foyer department was able to pull the 29 -year-old up. no word on his condition. new tonight at 11 a man walking along a beach finds a human skull. >> police say that he was killed this year. right now they are looking overall the files of missing persons. >> we are live tonight with the latest. >> reporter: we are live on the eastern shore. that's all happening a little north of the bay bridge. tonight it's the focus of a murder mystery. it's a fantastic place to much what the sunset over the bay
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and every day boaters come to the beach to do just that like z," g and his wife who make this a stop on their yearly boat trip. >> this is about as peaceful as anything gets anywhere that i know of. >> reporter: monday a disturbing find for a man walking on the beach. he found a skull. it was determined there had been blunt force trauma to the skull. its been ruled a home received news apply are investigating. >> all of the possibilities are being considered, whether it washed on shore or was somehow buried but it was lying on the beach obvious to the man walking by. >> reporter: zig and his wife can't believe a crime could have happened because on most days dollars a fair amount of visitors. plus. >> such a pristine and remote
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area. i couldn't imagine something like that happens here. >> reporter: as state police have told police departments around the state, around the region asking them to search missing person files trying to identity the person. a human skull found on the beach in kent. its been determined it was a home homicide. >> thank you. ask a cop, and they will tell you the worst situation to walk into is one of a domestic fight because you never know what will happen. we have the example late last night here on cooksa's lane. an officer shot in the hip but it looks like it had nothing to do with the call. it came from across the streetf. that officer hadn't had his gun on his hip that blocked the bullet we could be telling a different story. he has been treated released but police are worried about being shot at. >> today the former head of
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the swim club pled guilty to child rorn and will spend 18 months in prison he was prison. his laptop and and home computer had photographs of naked young girls. a grand jury has indict aid climb teach era ceus of having a sexual relationship with a 14- year-old. he is charged with sexual abuse of a minor as well as solicitation of a minor. another teacher has been arrested, also. . >> those running against her say she doesn't go far enough. the mayor says it's a start. she is proposing a 9% property tax cut over nine years and use the money from slots to help. the tax rate is almost twice as
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high as surrounding counties but that's 20-cents off the bill by 2020. don't go near 295 from an over rod to 100. , you can expect single lane closure, you will see the science, signs. >> book lovers are saying good- bye to borders. the leaving of one of the last big chains is a loss, starting friday you will be able to get big discounts. >> in just a few days borders books will start a store wide liquidation. it'll be the final chapter of one of the biggest booksellers and it's a sad story for book lovers everywhere. >> i'm just shaken. i can't believe. they were talking about it but it's -- this time and age. that's crazy.
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>> really sad because i come here like every week. >> reporter: in 2009 they closed 200 mall stores, last february they filed for chapter 8 but it never bounced back. they were hit hard by the move away from brick and mortar stores toward online booksellers. here is what customers need to know. clearance sale start friday and run through september. all sales are final. the good news is gift cards will still be honored but no new cards will be sold. over 10,000 workers will be laid off including many in greater baltimore and the dc area. you have a few more weeks to pick up bargins and remember. >> it'll be missed. >> she was enjoying a family vacation in a foot of water. >> a shark attacked and left
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her fighting for her life in the hospital. >> new, you click -- how you get in touch with abc 2news. get your questions answered. >> and do you find a co worker sleeping in the back office? what they do to your workplace when we stay awake when we come back.
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. if you are -- a little girl trying to cool off with her dad in a foot of water is a tacked by a shark. she was on her board on vacation, her mother was screaming on the shore. the 6-year-old had wounds to her calf and foot and was taken to the hospital. she was losing a lot of blood. early their month a woman's 10- year-old was bitten by a shark. >> her leg was just wild and it was just -- lot of blood.
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>> reporter: she made it. an attack seems unusual in shallow waters but that's where most happen where sharks like to feed. what can you do to reduce the risk? we are working for you to keep you safe. experts say to swim in groups, avoid swimming or playing in the water during the early evening or at night. >> right now a house group is joining others in revising guidelines to screen for breast cancer. the american college provely recommended that women get mammograms between the ages of 40 and 50. tonight they are joining the ranks of the american cancer society saying they should start getting them at 40 instead of 50. the change they say is because of it affecting women at a younger age. it's almost lights out in your office because you have a big day tomorrow that one minute drive from your bedroom to your home office is hard. a survey found those two work at least one day a week from home are happier and
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proproductive than those in the office. this he were found to be healthier too, their stress levels down and companies found homeworkers to be more loyal and willing to put in more time and researchers find they like their co workers more when you see them less. ? and if you can't work from home a word of advice, keep your distance from those who didn't get enough sleep the night before. a study found that a lack of slope doesn't just make people cranky but more likely to plot out revenge. those who were sleepy were also more, like,ly likely if something goes wrong. >> we are working for you in your community. do you run across the eyesores in your neighborhood that you wish somebody would take care of? now we are helping you. it's called click to fix.
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here is charlie. >> reporter: the focus of click to fix is all about asking the questions you want answered and getting you the answers we think you deserve. our first story came from a letter from kathy edwards. in that she included this photograph of a run down house that's been presenting problems for her family and neighbors for almost five-years. passing through the west arlington neighborhood nothing really seems out of place, the houses are taken care of, yards mowed and landscaping neat. it seems like a good place to call home sure but then you come across this beat up, two story wreck. >> its been going on for years. we have only been here since 2007. >> reporter: they built their house in west arlington. a dream home on a big corner lot but with one big problem next door. >> i'm tired of it.
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we moved here and boil our house from the ground up. look at this. >> reporter: it's not just the look concerning her, also the activity they see going on ; especially when you consider she manages a daycare from her home. >> our neighbors have seen prostitutes, naked people, we want something done. >> reporter: the problems are well known and have been documented by the neighborhood association president. he com piled a 2009 list of properties that needed attention and this one listed near the top. >> it's eyesore to the owners on both sides of it and it's eyesore to the community. it's a disgrace and to baltimore. i do not fault the inspection department because they are
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shorthanded. >> reporter: the baltimore housing department met us to talk about the property and going going over the history of the house, why nothing has been done and what if anything they plan. >> the city has had to come out and clean, secure the property, more than ten times over the past couple years. the property owner has been billed for all of that. we have got to resolve this particular problem and beyond just cleaning, cutting the grass. >> reporter: that resolution he said will either be through a public auction or demolition. both processes that could take up to six months of legal action. >> we will get something done here. i would like to stand here with you, several months down the road and look at the solution here. >> reporter: we tried contacting the house's owners but never heard back from them. they have asked for patience to get the house done so that's
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what we will do. he has asked which keep in touch and when the issue is done we will meet him on the front doorstep to bring you that resolution. now if you have a problem you want us to look into in your community drop me an e-mail with the necessary details at abc 2news. >> all right. i know you are looking, a lot of things around right now. do you see something that needs to be addressed or maybe while you are on your way to work or driving? let us know. just take a picture and send it to us. you can get us right here. just come in and click it on and then they give you the full submission here, click to fix, give your name and all the particulars here and then just file it away. you can e-mail charlie or fill it out the form here on the website. we can't wait to hear from you as we will fix your problem. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate.
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>> hot as it felt the air temperatures were only up in the low 90's. bat more, easton, 93, 94, city that's hot but we will add five to eight degrees the next two days, getting much worse and that's why we have for the first time this summer excessive heat warning, not advisories, it's a cut above that from noon through eight. this is thursday, friday, and may end up being for saturday. i don't think anything will break the heat until we start to get into sunday and monday. a new front will push in around that time. right now 82, warmer in the city, humidity about 80 80%. wind from the southeast, the story all day today. as i think it'll be tomorrow. quiet, out there as the sunset -- no action on the radar to speak of, those hot hazy conditions will persist tomorrow. we will see another code orange
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air quality alert. take a look at the heat index right now as we speak because of that high humidity level, and in those tight urban areas with a lot of concrete that is so slow to cool off we still feel like 98 the inner harbor, 95 in dc. annapolis not far behind at 93, humidity high, 60, 70, even 90% in spots, in dover, georgetown, culpepper reporting, sat rated air, 100% humidity. the bottom line is the radar is quiet. plenty of moisture and humidity in the air. the -- the main weather story the humidity and the heat. we have the humidity? spades already. all up and down the east coast. we are socked in with the steam bath and then a new air mass. the core of hot air over the southern plains and midsouth.
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this will track eastward. start to edge in tomorrow. center itself over maryland friday, friday looking like the hottest day of the outlook, well above 100 probably. that's not counting the heat index and we have the humidity pumping in off the atlantic so it's a bad combination for heat. brett, cindy, new one, that one also expected to stay off shore. we are getting action in the atlantic with storms but none of them a threat to land and nothing that will help us break the heat wave. overnight 75, steamy, muggy, some spots maybe not below 80 overnight. we will shoot up in to the 90s billon. 98 in the afternoon. heat index, what it feels like, more than 110, tomorrow a real steam bath. that will set the stage for a hotter friday as we go to 100 at least.
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maybe 101, 102. i think saturday will be right there with friday, this new front coming in sunday and monday. hopefully will start to break the heat slowly sunday and monday. it's -- look late july a lot of times we expect the heat to peak, that's what will happen this year. >> its been peeking since june. >> yeah. higher peek. >> hotter? >> okay. >> that's no reason to celebrate. >> no. >> not that forecast. this is. 70 new graduates have something to do and have proven their success. they are from the youth opportunity program that techs troubled teens succeed and tonight program leaders say they couldn't be more proud. >> i'm overjoyed, i feel like a proud poppa. we are in this business to ensure the young people in the city have a caring adult to
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wrap their arms around them, to ensure that they succeed in life. >> the program has been around for about 11 years. >> a look at night line. >> coming up, a lethel heat wave cooks the country. why 100 degrees feels so much hotter this time. no plus pot of gold. the incredible story of a family who risked it all to chase their 24 caret dreams and came up big. that's coming up on night line. ♪ [ rock ]
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[ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda.
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. a lot of insight on how the teams get ready after the lock out. no westminister so that means the heads grounds keeper has been work around the clock getting the field ready. extra desks being brought in, more lockers, and the indoor baskets ball court has been taken up with 60 cots so the players can stay the night. now we just have to wait for the lock you to weekend. i'm saying friday. lift it friday. >> how about tomorrow. >> how about right now. the married men, are you healthier than your friend whose are single or divorced. >> i like this. >> they are catching up. this light reading can be found in the september issue of the journal of health and social behavior. two reasons, more access to social support and economic
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resources, they rely on social networking instead of a spouse that leads to this question, honey do you find facebook attractive? >> want to arm wrestle, i'm healthy. >> it's hot. >> blame it on the heat. >> real quick action take a look. basically enjoy this. low 80's out there and steamy because that's going to feel good compared to tomorrow. heat warnings up noon to eight. tomorrow, friday, probably saturday though not official yet and tomorrow 98 by 4:00. you know, just do what you can to stay cool, take breaks and stay hydrated. we will be back. hey parents, it's going to be a big school year.
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see, i'm not just teaching woodwinds and strings. i'm teaching attitude!
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. i'm doing going to the mall tomorrow. nice and cool. >> just do your laps. >> if you work outside the whole thing, take breaks, get out of the heat, try to before you go back out. >> keep the water handy. >> hottest day of the week coming tomorrow.
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